complete firmware tool-chains

NOTE: This case study has been tested and functions as specified and is provided free at GitHub repositories through an automated email response below the case study on this page. ER is a professional design house and monetary compensation is required for additional work toward this design enabling your monetary success, but conversation is welcome and appreciated toward improving this design and or its repository.

WARNING: Think critically while operating and or redesigning this system. Open electronic circuitry can be dangerous due to easily shorting circuits which can generate immediate and intense heat resulting in fire. This is only one example of ill advised use.

PURPOSE: The design was an agile 3 phase DC motor driver for a specific high precision 2W motor. The system’s firmware intelligence was programmed onto a nRF52832 a NordicSemicondutor product through a complete command line firmware tool-chain . The output speed of the motor driver varied with the duty cycle of the pulse width modulation. The device was fitted with the mpu9250, a 9 axis inertial sensor, as well as a MEMs micro phone for motor function feedback.

The nRF52832 is an 64 MHz Arm Cortex-M4 with FPU and communicates several wireless protocols with Bluetooth 4.2/5.0 being the most notable.

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