Communication 4.0

The amount of influence an individual or a group has is directly correlated with the ability to communicate. Arguably, the single biggest communication networks currently being constructed is Elon Musk’s Starlink. The project will eventually be a vast network, 10’s of thousands, of satellites positioned 550kM above the Earth. The satellites communicate data to and from the surface of the Earth with radio and with adjacent satellites by laser. The entire network is being flown into orbit by the reusable rockets Elon Musk’s company SpaceX has developed. The Starlink network can be thought of as the internet service provider, even in the most remote places of the populated world.

Another impressive communications network is the development of 5G, the next generation cellular communication. The 5G network has selected higher frequencies, 28 and 60 GHz, as the carrier signal to deliver all that data.  The higher frequency carrier does not transmit in air as far as the lower frequency carriers and requires many more radio towers to cover the same area as before, but with the increased data capacity and faster round trip transmissions, newer services will be possible.

Electronic Realization is a electronic design house located in Bozeman, MT and utilizes wireless communication developing the next generation nano network services. Technologies such as Bluetooth, cellular, and WiFi communications are tools used to design and build nano networks. These technologies gateway into the globalizing communication networks like Starlink and 5G and can communicate customized data around the globe providing new benefits to your organization.